GoFund Me Prize Announcement

This is the promised post regarding my GoFundMe campaign and the prizes I have teased.

Before I get into the prizes, I wanted to thank those of you who have donated thus far. Though I have raised $1,336 on the campaign, I have received other donations away from the campaign. I am appreciative for each donation and this prize giveaway is one of my ways of saying thank you for your support.

For clarity and honesty’s sake, these prizes were obtained without using campaign money.

Covering Duquesne has been an absolute privilege this year and the ability to take pictures compliments my work and provides an extra dimension to my articles that was not previously there. It is another way to provide my voice in these articles.

I am still actively seeking donations and hoping for a business sponsorship. For those who have disagreed with the intentions of this campaign, and I know there are some, this is no different than asking for an advertisement, just in a more public way. This is a method which has been used before and one I believe will be used frequently in the future by many.

Donations are able to be made using your name or anonymously which is why I chose GoFundMe, not to mention there is no extra charge for you to make a donation, as there is with other cause-related platforms

Please pass this campaign along to friends, family, co-workers, your boss, a business or making more than one donation is certainly welcomed.

Now onto the prizes. I will say that these are a couple of prizes and there will be more as the season progresses.

At this moment, I have secured signed Pittsburgh Pirates jerseys from Francisco Cervelli and Adam Frazier. The Cervelli jersey is the traditional white Pirates jersey, while the Frazier is the yellow Sunday throwback jersey. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you will know the signature is the real deal.

There will be two separate winners and all you need to do to enter is make a donation to my GoFundMe campaign by 12/30, yes that is December 30. The drawing will occur on New Year’s Eve.

To be fair, the winners will be determined by random.org. I will roll two separate dice once again on random.org and whatever number those two add up to will determine how many times I random the order. So if once dice has a six and another a four, then the order will be randomized 10 times.

I also will have a coin which again is a random.org operation and it will represent how I put the names into the random.  Heads will go from most recent donations to least recent and tails will be least recent donations to most.

The first two different names on the list will win.

The amount of entries donors have will be determined by how much money was donated whether a one-time donation or multiple donations and will break down as follows:

  1. $1-$49 = 1 entry
  2. $50-$99 = 2 entries
  3. $100-$249 = 3 entries
  4. $250-$499 = 4 entries
  5. $500- $749 = 5 entries
  6. $750-$999 = 6 entries
  7. $1000 & up = 7 entries

I also want to add that anyone who donated anonymously will still have their identities protected in this random drawing. Depending which way the random.org coin toss lands will determine your place in the random and your name will be entered as anonymous 1, anonymous 2 and so on.

All of the above is being done this way to be as fair as possible to everyone and reward everyone who has donated, while recognizing those who have made larger donations.

For anyone that is interested in making a donation of any kind to enter this contest, you can make a donation at the following link.


Again, I truly appreciate the support received to date and only hope that continues in order to provide the best Duquesne basketball coverage both men’s and women’s that I possibly can.


Beyond fortunate

As far as I was concerned, there really was not a problem.
Initially it was thought that I had a gluten allergy, so I spent the first semester eating solely gluten free foods and there was little to no difference.
It got to the point that most of my time in college, I did three hour workouts each weekday in college just to build some muscle, gain some sorely needed confidence in myself and make sure I would not revert back to my old ways.
By my junior year, I was on top of my weight, had plenty of writing responsibilities and finally was on a solid footing, which some travel that allowed me to clear my mind.
The most important thing of my college experience was certainly not my degree. It was how I physically and mentally hit rock bottom but found my way back to good physical shape and my strongest mental shape.
*UPDATE* It is hard to believe a year has gone by since I wrote this original post.
I put all of this down on an iPhone during a break at my old job and it was amazing how quickly and clearly everything came back to me.
In the last year, I have continued to grow and not be defined by this struggle. Writing this post a year ago was the final step to show I conquered my eating disorder. Anyone that sees me now, knows I am able to eat plenty of food once again.
Words cannot express how thankful I am to everyone for reading and reacting.
So many of you called me brave for coming forward with this, I call it necessary.
It was necessary for me to write this post for myself and for my pain to go away but even more so, it was important for others who I am sure are going through similar challenges.
Please know that you are not alone. You are worth it and that every single moment matters. Life is too short to live with regret. I lived a massively flawed life for years, one which easily could have put me in a grave at anytime. I have no one to blame but myself.
I cannot fix the past, all I can do is move forward and live the best life I can.
At the end of the day, others may have opinions on who I am and what I stand for, but at the end of the day, the only person I have to answer to is myself. Allowing other people or distractions to get to me just brings negativity and that is never good for anyone.
In 11-plus years of journalism, I have written thousands of articles on a variety of different things. With no offense to any of these pieces, this, by far was the most important.
I had to look into the mirror. There was no choice. There was no hiding.
Body shaming is a real thing. It does not have a gender, a race, religion, nor an age. Be happy and comfortable in your own skin.
There have been some individuals who have said this has motivated or helped them and that is the biggest compliment I could ever receive. If one person can be motivated by this and take steps towards a healthier life, then this post was not written in vain.
My great-grandfather Joseph Bowman always said “plan your work and work your plan”.
It is a mantra our family lives by and one I thought I swore by.
For years, I was doing this quote a disservice, now I understand its real meaning.
While I have conquered my eating disorder, the journey is definitely not over. It never is. I have beaten it for now but these ghosts will come back.
The only difference is that this time I am ready for them, and I welcome them.