Most unique interviews I have ever done

Part of being a journalist is doing some downright bizarre interviews. It could be because of the timing, location, signal or something else. Usually these interviews are bizarre because of circumstances beyond your control. When the individual or people you are trying to interview return your call, it normally is at the worst time, but if you are passionate about your craft, you will pick up, tell them you are fine and that yes, this is a perfect time for an interview.

Here are some of my favorite unique interviews.

Honorable mention: My first interview writing on deadline was for the Jewish Chronicle. I did not yet have a voice recorder and I was covering a high school basketball game. I got to interview the coach, Andy Pakler, and I have an orange Under Armour gym shirt (big no no) on and have a pen and paper. I am furiously writing trying to get what Andy is saying, which was downright impossible. Thank goodness my editor was there with me. You always remember your first interview and I definitely can agree with that.


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