Erin Waskowiak back with Dukes

It’s time to move away from talking about the past. That’s what Duquesne women’s basketball guard Erin Waskowiak told me when discussing the injuries which have kept her out of uniform.

To briefly sum up her injuries, Waskowiak was hit by the family’s car and the initial fear was that she would not walk again. Then after being told she would return December 2014, an ACL tear ruined that plan.

Waskowiak was frustrated with the entire process and it was blatantly clear with the answers she provided me.

I turned my conversation with Waskowiak into a piece for DK Pittsburgh Sports ($) where you can read more.

It is clear that Waskowiak is ready to move on from the past and just focus on playing basketball. She knows she is fortunate to play again, but wants to be remembered for basketball, not the process she underwent to get back to the game she loved. That begins Tuesday night against Slippery Rock.

Photo credit: Stephen Pope




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